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Update history of the site:

Februar 2011 - photos from travel November 2010 (autumn) - Kyoto west 5, Kyoto 6, Kyoto all photos, Nara 3, Hiroshima2, Uji, Ohara, Fuji, Mito area.

Februar 2011 - photos from travel November 2009 (autumn) Tsuyama, Kyoto (4.part), Nara (2.part), Okayama (2.part), Kagawa (Shadoshima - Kankakei - Takamatsu - Marugame), Takahashi , Shingu, Tokyo

February 2009 - photos from November 2008 from Kyoto (3.part) and Arashiyama in autumn colors. Some temples in Kyoto is only open for the publik in that period of the year.

August 2008 - rest of the photo from April 2008 some places are: Uwajima, Ozu, Takamatsu, Kamakura, Izu, Nikko, Shizuoka, Sakura and Hakone,. Total 13000 pictures

August 2008 - photos from Japan travel April 2008 (1.part) Aizu-Wakamatsu, Kochi and Matsuyama.

January 2008 - Japan autumn photos Tohoku updated and subdomains Aomori, Hiraizumi, Hirosaki, Kakunodate, Morioka, Sendai and Yonezawa. Update Hokkaido (Hakodate), Kanto (Narita)

December 2007 - Japan autumn ptotos Tohoku (1.part) , Sendai, Towada, Osore-zan, Aomori

August 2007 - Japan photos Osaka, Shiga, Wakayama, Azuchi and prefectures in Kansai

July 2007 - Japan photos CHUBU, KANSEI, CHUGOKU and subdomains Kanazawa, Matsue, Takayama, Matsue, Kyoto part2

July 2007 - photos from travel April 2007 to Japan, subdomain Nara and in Kansei - Akame waterfall, Hasedera temple and Hikone castle

January 2007 - subdomain for Nagoya and Yamaguchi, subdomain for Sweden, other small updates

Ultimo December - Subdomain for Kyoyo  kyoto.ankernielsen.dk

December 2006 - From Sweden: Billingen, Gunnebo house, Hjo, Karlsborg fortress, Kvarnbyen, Läckö castle, Uddevalla, Varberg castle and Varnhem monastery

November 2006 - From Sweden: Flooding at Säveåen, Bohus fortress Kungälv, Lysekil, Halleberg and Hunneberg, Kinnekullen

October 2006 - pictures from Halden(Norway), Hönö, Fjärås Bracka and Kalmar in Sweden

June 2006 - 1000 new pictures (motives), Scandinavia  Japan travel pictures Total arouns 3100 photos.

October 2005 - pictures from travel to China Beijing

June 2005 - redesign of site, new photos, material moved from Narvik site

May 2005 - pictures from travel to Kyushu Japan

Marts 2004 - site opening - material moved from Narvik

August 1996 - My first web opened at Narvik Institute of Technology, Norway. It was closed down in 2005.

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